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The Beijing Strong science park development co., LTD. founded in December 28, 2001, mainly engaged in the development, construction and operation of high-tech Park, Development and construction of the north shangdi, Zhongguancun innovation Park and other north Industrial Park.

Cuihu new town local in is located in Zhongguancun national innovation core area, north Haidian, Beijing, China, Created by the Beijing Strong science park development co., LTD. There are  superior natural ecological environment, Suitable for living and employment, the mountain and lake interlaced, green area of 40%, rich in tourism resources, Housing, health care, education, communication, roads and other infrastructure is perfect, the thick cultural atmosphere, Innovative entrepreneurial environment, Has 400 thousand square kilometers of industrial agglomeration zoneThere has formed  high-tech industrial zone based on Zhongguancun Yongfeng industrial base, Zhongguancun Cuihu science and Technology Park, Brings together huawei, Beijing Institute of collaborative Innovation, China dating corporation and other well-known enterprises, more than 600 companies, Characteristic industry agglomeration is research and development institutionsInitially formed Software and information services, new material, new energy, Energy conservation and environmental protection, Network communication, Beidou and spatial information services and so on. Industry development showed a strong growth trend.

    At the same time Cuihu new town build to 6 service platform, to provide services for enterprises.

Technology industry security service platform

    Enterprise establishment, law works, Annual inspection publicity, tax supervision, investment project consultation and engineering construction procedures and other agency procedures.

Industrial policy advisory reporting service platform

   Organize regular park enterprises held special training policies and regulations, Assist enterprises should enjoy the rights and funds reporting.

Financial service platform for investment and financing

   The establishment of indirect financing service platform to credit funds as the main body, daily working capital loan, Merger and acquisition loan, Listed company stock right pledge type repurchasethe ultra short term financing bonds, Short term financing bonds, Corporate bonds and so on. Assist enterprises to solve the problem of credit financing. The same time it is improve a number of industry guidance fund, provide the capital guarantee of enterprises in the park.

Product promotion service platform

provide technical exchange, product and brand promotion for enterprises in the park, Make full use of existing resources in the park, relying on the government and social resources, Media resources, Work closely with the enterprise, Through various ways to expand park enterprise products and brand.

High-tech talent support service platform

According to different industry enterprises to the demandDevelop talent support service plan, through various ways to introduce talented people, organize the introduction of talent training, provide policy support for enterprises.

Park Cultural Construction Service Platform

Construction of industrial service values in the park, Industry service concept, Park behavior standard, Building Service Culture Industrial Park. Organize a number of sports activities every year.



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